Email Status


TTCT Email Status

26.07.2021 Website Update




Ashfield School

Migration date to be confirmed

Currently scheduled for TBC

Frederick Gent School


Currently scheduled for 16th August

Friesland School

In progress

Began Friday 23rd July

Heritage High School


Currently scheduled for 2nd August

Selston High School

Migration date to be confirmed

Currently scheduled for TBC

Swanwick Hall School


Currently scheduled for 16th Aug

Springwell Community College


Currently scheduled for 2nd August

The Manor Academy


Currently scheduled for 28th July

Wilsthorpe School


Currently scheduled for 2nd August

This is an update to inform you of some forthcoming changes to the IT operational setup regarding the Office 365 platform.

Post migration your email address will be:

Your password will not change

In order to access you email, go to :

As part of the ongoing drive to standardise tools and processes across the sites within the Trust, we are moving all of the separate Office 365 “tenants” into one Trust-wide tenant. There are multiple benefits of this, and it will largely take place in the cloud, however it is a complex process and there may be some minor changes to how you interact with the services. This update should serve to highlight the benefits, whilst also outlining what visible alterations you may see.

These changes are being made by a partner, supported by the IT Team, and will take place over the Summer to minimise impact whilst migrations occur.

Please be assured that the project is planned such that there is no risk of data loss or negative impact, and that all data and functionality will be available once the project is completed.

Why is this changing?

There are multiple benefits to this consolidation, however the key driver is to allow greater ease of collaboration across the Trust, and eliminate the barriers currently experienced with different accounts being required to switch between School and Trust Teams, and remove all necessity for “guest” accounts.

We will also be rolling out new email addresses across the Trust in parallel with the existing addresses. The new format will mirror that of the new websites, and will enable greater consistency in messaging and branding.

Additional benefits of consolidating include allowing the Trust IT team to centrally manage security and operations, ensuring best practise is applied consistently across the estate, thus protecting the systems, services and intellectual property of the Trust.

What is being migrated?

All Microsoft Office tools and data are being centralised. This includes:

  • Email
  • Teams
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive

As stated above, all existing data will be transferred to the new tenant, and the process should be invisible to you, as an end user of the system.

What changes will I see?

Whilst the majority of work is back-end and infrastructure affecting, there will be some visible changes which staff should be aware of. This is largely due to standardisation across schools and adoption of best-practise.

  • New emails will be added in the form “firstname.lastname” to both the existing email address domains and to the new email domains which match the website addresses.
  • Student users are being standardised in the form , where NN is the year of joining the school / Trust, and the remainder is made up of their name. For example: 21hkane
  • There will also be a standardisation piece across email signatures and disclaimers, along with alerts on external messages. Further communication on this will follow as formats are floated and agreed.

This is part of the ongoing drive to enhance the collaboration and productivity across the Trust, and project a more unified appearance to external parties. As also stated, it has a side benefit of simplifying the administration and management of the service.