Selston High School Celebrates Success in Glowing Ofsted Report 30th April 2019

Students and staff at Selston High School in Nottingham are celebrating today after receiving a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating in all categories, in its first inspection since joining Two Countries Trust.

Inspectors praised the effective leadership of the school’s Headteacher, Paul Halcro, since he took up his post in September 2017. The senior leadership team, Board of Governors and the school’s sponsor, The Two Counties Trust, were also recognised for their leadership and the “valuable external support” provided.

The report, which followed a two-day inspection carried out in April, commended the school environment at Selston High School. Inspectors noted that Mr Halco and senior leaders ensure “staff morale is high” and that the Governors and the Trust have “enhanced the condition of the school environment” by creating a “positive impact on improving the quality of pupils’ education”.

Pupils and staff were praised throughout the report, with inspectors recognising the “positive attitudes to learning” held by pupils, as well as the way they “engage positively with an extensive range of extra-curricular activities as part of the weekly enrichment curriculum”. Inspectors recognised the relationships between staff and pupils as being “productive and supportive”, with teachers creating “positive learning environments in lessons” and having high expectations for what pupils can achieve.

Ofsted also commended the role of Two Counties Trust, for providing effective support and challenge to the school, as well as “improving the quality and consistency of teaching and learning”. Inspectors noted that the Trust provides leaders with additional training, including “through learning from the best practice of other leaders within the Trust”, and that staff have gained “valuable experience working with other colleagues within the Trust.”

The report highlights a number of other key areas:
• Leaders at the school prepare students well for the world of work. From Year 7 onwards, pupils learn about different career opportunities and disadvantaged pupils are provided with close support to raise their aspirations and promote different post-16 pathways.
• The good nature of the students was praised, acknowledging that “they treat others with respect”.
• The school’s curriculum is well balanced, with changes made by leaders meeting the needs of pupils more closely. This broadening of the curriculum has led to an improvement in achievement.
Paul Halcro, Headteacher of Selston High School, said:

“I am delighted that Ofsted has recognised all the excellent work being delivered here at Selston High School, and that this inspection has confirmed that our pupils, staff and leadership are all working hard to create a positive and thriving learning environment.

“The report is testament to the commitment and passion shown by our whole school community, as well as the support provided by the Trust since April 2016, when Selston High became a founding member. We will be working hard to continue to build on the successful outcomes already achieved to date.”

Dick Vasey, Chief Executive of Two Counties Trust, said:

“We are so pleased that the continued excellence and high quality of education at Selston High School has been confirmed by Ofsted. We look forward to continuing to support the school as it pushes to achieve even greater heights.”