Our Vision


Our Vision

The Two Counties Trust was formed in April 2016, we are a family of academies with a shared ethos, common values and collective goals.

Our vision is to raise the educational standards and better the life chances of students within our communities through working in partnership to challenge and support all schools to continually improve.

We aim to transform the lives of children and young people and to release their potential through excellent education and the opportunity to acquire new skills. All schools within our Trust are united in their vision to rapidly improve the learning experience of their students and raise the aspirations of the local communities which they serve.

We share a passion for working in partnership, and every member welcomes the opportunity to be an equal and valued partner, seeing their success as being measured both by the achievement of their own targets and the achievements of the Trust as a whole.

As a Trust, we are committed to enabling each individual school to flourish with a high degree of autonomy, whilst at the same time providing a culture of collaboration and mutual support.

As a Trust, we aim to:

  • provide a high-quality educational experience for each child in our care;
  • ensure every teacher strives to be an excellent practitioner;
  • recognise the importance of educating the whole child;
  • strive to be the best in everything that we do;
  • equip every child with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to succeed in the 21st century;
  • recognise and embrace innovation.

Our core values

As a Trust, we work together so everyone can succeed; the Trust pushes forward on these Core Values:

Respect for Individuals – we work together to create a culture based on trust, respect and dignity

Integrity – we are open, honest and direct in our dealings

Collaboration – we know that there is strength in working together, communicating, sharing ideas and best practice and finding more efficient and effective ways to deliver our objectives

Continual Improvement – we are a learning organisation that strives always to ‘make our best better’

Accountability – we hold ourselves accountable and take ownership

Two Counties Trust Strategic Objectives

  • To support excellent standards of teaching and learning which maximises student progress and outcomes.
  • To maintain a clear vision and develop a strong and efficient central services infrastructure to secure the on-going improvement and development of the Trust.
  • To ensure high quality leadership and governance at Trust Board, LGB and individual school level.

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