Trust Policies


Finance Policies

Competitive Tendering

When considering the procurement of, and tendering for goods and services, consideration should be given to probity, accountability and value for money. The Trust values of transparency and fairness will inform our financial practices

Risk Management Strategy

Risk management is about taking a planned and systematic approach to the identification, evaluation and control of those risks which can threaten the assets or financial and organisational well-being of the Multi Academy

Finance Policy

The Board of Trustees takes its financial responsibilities seriously and has formulated this policy in order to develop and maintain the very highest standards of financial management and governance across the Trust


Corporate Policies

Complaints Procedure

We believe that tackling concerns at the earliest possible stage allows us to improve relationships, enhance learning, prevent issues escalating and reduces the number of formal complaints.

Privacy Notice

The Two Counties Trust is the Data Controller for the purposes of information governance within the General Data Protection Regulations. Personal data is held for the purposes of meeting our educational, safeguarding, legal and associated responsibilities

Data Protection Policy

This policy is intended to ensure that personal information about individuals is dealt with properly, securely and in accordance with GDPR legislation

Subject Access Request Policy

We collect and process data about individuals. We explain what information we collect, and why in our Privacy Notice. Any individual, or person with parental responsibility, or young person with sufficient capacity to make a request is entitled to ask what information is held

Document Retention Schedule

We hold a great deal of information, much of which is confidential about students, parents, carers, guardians, staff and governors. This schedule outlines the length of time that a record will be retained, after which it will be destroyed

Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing is the reporting of suspected wrongdoing, malpractice or dangers in relation to the Trust’s activities concerning matters of public interest. This policy sets out the way in which workers may raise a concern under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and how those concerns will be dealt with

Exclusions Policy

This policy reflects the guidance introduced and updated by the Department for Education in 2017 and outlines the practice for all schools and academies within The Two Counties Trust in respect of student exclusions

Employment Policies

Absence Management Procedure

From time to time employees may become ill and may be unable to attend work. This policy outlines how absence is managed

Adoption Policy

The Trust recognises the need of adoptive parents to have time off work when a child joins their family

Annual Leave Policy

Employees are entitled and encouraged to take their full holiday entitlement each annual leave year and will be given the opportunity to do so

Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

The Trust has a zero tolerance to bullying and harassment, enabling employees work without fear

Capability Procedure

Employees have a contractual responsibility to perform to a satisfactory level and will be given every help and encouragement to do so

Code of Conduct

Employees are expected to work in a spirit of collaboration and co-operation within an ethos of mutual respect, trust and confidence

DBS Guidance

This policy complies with the Trust’s responsibilities defined within the Department for Education’s publication: Keeping Children Safe in Education

Disciplinary Procedure

This procedure set out the approach to maintaining acceptable standards of conduct at work

Equality and Diversity Statement & Policy

The Trust is committed to equality, reflecting on and valuing diversity

Flexible Working Policy

The Trust values flexibility within the workforce and recognises the importance of helping employees to balance their work and personal life

Grievance Procedure

This procedure outlines the process which will be used to manage grievances raised by employees

Guidance on the Use of Fixed Term Contracts

This document provides guidance on the legalities which surround the use and termination of fixed term contracts

Job Share Policy

This policy sets out the arrangements which govern job share arrangements

Employment Policies

Managing Allegations Procedure

This policy is compliant with Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018

Maternity Policy

This policy sets out the rights of employees who become pregnant

Ordinary Parental Leave

This policy sets out the rights, responsibilities and procedures whereby employees can apply to take Ordinary Parental Leave

Overtime & TOIL Policy

This policy sets out the eligibility for overtime and  Time off in Lieu (TOIL)

Paternity Leave Policy

This document sets out the rights of employees to take Paternity Leave

Probationary Procedure

Probation is to ensure that a new member of support staff is able to gain a full understanding of the role

Recruitment & Selection

This policy sets out a clear and consistent framework within which recruitment and selection decisions will be made

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy

This policy sets out the approach to the employment or placement of people with a criminal record

Reference Procedure

This procedure sets out the process for responding to requests for an employment reference

Redundancy Policy

This policy deals with changes to the workforce

Shared Parental Leave Policy

Shared Parental Leave enables eligible parents to choose how to share care of their child during the first year of birth/adoption

Social Media Guidelines

These guidelines outline the acceptable use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Support Pay Policy

This policy sets out the pay and pay progression arrangements for support staff employed by the Trust

Temporary Promotion Policy - Support Staff

This policy aims to ensure that support employees are treated fairly and consistently when they undertake responsibilities of a more senior role for a period of time

Appraisal Policy for Support Staff

This policy sets out the framework for appraisal for all support employees.

Appraisal Policy for Teachers

This policy sets out the appraisal arrangements for teachers

Teachers’ Pay Policy

This policy sets out the Trust’s approach pay for all teachers

Disability Leave

This policy sets out the arrangements for employees with a disability who wish to request Disability Leave

Special Leave

This policy sets out the arrangements whereby employees may request discretionary special leave.